HFMA03137U FM, Children, Youth and Media

Årgang 2013/2014
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Children, Youth and Media

Master in Film and Media Studies

The focus of the course is (1) media products for children and youth as well as their own productions and (2) the dynamics between these productions and the society in which they are embedded. The aim of the course is to help the students develop a critical understanding of these productions and the socio-cultural dynamics surrounding them. This is done by covering relevant theories and methods (sociological, psychological, cultural), as well as perspectives (global-local, historical), giving an overview of available resources for the study of relationships between children, youth and modern media culture. By looking at both media products and communication aimed at children and youth and material about children and youth aimed at adults, the different ways in which media shapes and in shaped by society is investigated in a broad perspective.

The first half of the course focuses primarily on the relationship between children and media, the second deals mainly with young people’s media usage. The special issues and theoretical approaches that the course introduces will be related to concrete examples. In the class room students will spend a substantial amount of time analysing media products for and by children and young people as well as articles, policy papers and communication strategies about children, youth and media produced by adults for other adults.

To give students an opportunity to meet practitioners and learn to discuss and turn their critical, theoretical knowledge into concrete, products (feedback) in practice, the course will include a workshop with participants from private or public organisations working with children, youth and media.

2013: Culture, Genres and Aesthetics, HFMK03021E
2013: Elective 3, HFMK03151E
2013: Elective 1, HFMK03131E

2008: Film/TV history and analysis, HFVA04151E
2008: Elective 1, HFVA04171E
2008: Elective 2, HFVA04191E

2008: Media, Aesthetics and Genres, HMEK03131E
2008: Audience and user studies, HMEK03121E
2008: Electives 1, HMEK03191E
2008: Electives 2, HMEK03121E

Máire Messenger Davies (2010): "Children, Media and Culture" (Issues in Cultural and Media Studies). Maidenhead: Open University Press. ISBN-13: 978-033522920-8


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