HFMA03133U FM, French New Wave

Årgang 2013/2014
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French New Wave

Master in Film and Media Studies

During the late 1950s and early 1960s young French film-makers created a new way of directing films.The new wave movement in France (la nouvelle vague française) turned out to be one of the most influential. The French New Wave directors' background in film theory and criticism was a major factor in this. They changed notions of how a film could be made and were driven by a desire to forge a new cinema.

The French New Wave directors took advantage of the new technology that was available to them in the late 1950s, which enabled them to work on location rather than in the studio.

This course will deal with issues such as New wave style, major films, directors, characters and narratives and will show why the French New Wave’s legacy is still strong today.


2013: Culture, Genres and Aesthetics, HFMK03021E
2013: Elective 1, HFMK03131E
2013: Elective 3, HFMK03151E

2008: Film/television history and analysis, HFVA04151E
2008: Elective 1, HFVA04171E
2008: Elective 1, HFVA04181E

2008: Media, Aesthetics and Genres, HMEK03131E
2008: Audience and user studies, HMEK03121E 
2008: Elective 1, HMEK03201E
2008: Elective 1, HMEK03191E
2008: Elective 2, HMEK03211E
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