HFMA03061U Film production and communication

Volume 2014/2015
Master in Film and Media Studies

The aim of this course is to produce short films, documentary or fiction. It is mandatory to make two smaller iPad productions and one final production (P2 camera). We will work with development of ideas, with genre and how to produce aesthetics that supports the narrative. The course will use a cognitive perspective both on the production and on the viewer’s position. The platform for the productions is for you to choose.

Learning Outcome

Master in Film and Media Studies 2013-curriculum:
Module 3: Film procuction and communication: HFMK03061E

Curriculum for Master's Programme in Media Studies, The 2008 Curriculum:
Module 4: Film and Television production and communication: HMEK03141E

Curriculum for Master´s Programme in Film Studies, The 2008 Curriculum:
Module 2: Audiovisual communication - Production: HFVA04121E


  • Category
  • Hours
  • Class Instruction
  • 32
  • Preparation
  • 377,5
  • Total
  • 409,5
Type of assessment
The exam will be conducted in English
Criteria for exam assesment