HFMA03024U FM, Module 2: The new TV Series - excess of excellence?

Volume 2014/2015
Master in Film and Media Studies

In an interview from 2003, the famous French filmmaker Chris Marker expressed his view on the new tendencies in American TV series by the following words: “I feed my hunger for fiction with what is by far the most accomplished source: those great American TV series, like The Practice. There is a knowledge in them, a sense of story and economy, of ellipsis, a science of framing and of cutting, a dramaturgy and an acting style that has no equal anywhere, and certainly not in Hollywood.” It is hard to contradict Chris Marker since cable channels such as HBO or Showtime has generally brought the quality of TV Series to a level that has never been seen before.

The objective of the course is to give an introduction to the development and the central characteristics of recent TV series through thorough and critical analyses of some of these – not only American but also European series. Three main perspectives will be applied in the analyses: context, aesthetics and reception.

Students are expected to participate actively and make presentations.

Learning Outcome

Master in Film and Media Studies 2013-curriculum:
Module 2: Culture, genres and aesthetics: HFMK03021E
Module 7: Optional Subject 1: HFMK03131E
Module 7: Optional Subject 2: HFMK03141E
Module 7: Optional Subject 3: HFMK03151E
Module 7: Optional Subject 4: HFMK03161E

Curriculum for the Master’s Programme in Film Studies, The 2008 Curriculum:
Module 4: Film/television history and analysis: HFVA04151E

Curriculum for Master's Programme in Media Studies, The 2008 Curriculum:
Module 3: Media, aesthetics and genres: HMEK03131E
Module 8: Optional Subject 1:HMEK03191E
Module 8: Optional Subject 1: HMEK03201E
Module 8: Optional Subject 2: HMEK03211E
Module 8: Optional Subject 2: HMEK03221E

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