HFIK03735U FILO, Module 3/ Module 4: The Methodology of History of Philosophy: The Case of the Mind-Body Problem

Volume 2016/2017

Master in Philosophy, 2014-curriculum


The two teachers will be present at the first and last of the fourteen lectures. The remaining twelve lectures will be divided into two. In the first part, Leo Catana will introduce and discuss important, contemporary methodological positions pertaining to the history of philosophy and intellectual history. In addition, he will use some passages from Plato that address the mind-body problem, though the emphasis of this first part is on methodology. In the second part, Sabrina Ebbersmeyer will discuss solutions to the mind-body problem in early modern philosophy. The reading includes, among others, works of Descartes, Elisabeth of Bohemia, Spinoza, Anne Conway and Leibniz. The students are expected to combine their knowledge about methodology and the mind-body problem, and key texts from both areas will be on the obligatory reading list. However, the students are free to choose their emphasis among the two.

Learning Outcome

The Master’s Programme in Philosophy 2014:

Module 3, Classical Philosophical Problem: HFIK03721E
Module 4, Contemporary Philosophical Discussion: HFIK03731E
Module 5, Freely chosen topic 1: HFIK03741E
Module 5, Freely chosen topic 2: HFIK03751E

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