HFIA03703U Module 1: Classical Philosophical Text in Phenomenology: Phenomenology of Perception

Volume 2014/2015
Master in Philosophy

The nature of perception constitutes a core problem in both phenomenology and analytic philosophy of mind. In this course, we will study central parts of Merleau-Ponty’s classic Phenomenology of Perception (using the new translation by Donald Landes, Routledge, 2012) with a view to unveiling the account of perception Merleau-Ponty articulates and defends in that work. We will compare Merleau-Ponty’s account with some recent analytic accounts of the nature of perceptual experience.

Learning Outcome

Master´s level in Philosophy - The 2014 Curriculum:

Module 1: Classical Philosophical Text: HFIK03701E


Master´s programme in Philosophy - The 2008 Curriculum:

Module 2: Freely chosen topic A: HFIK03521E

Module 4: Freely chosen topic B: HFIK03541E

Module 5: Freely chosen topic C: HFIK03551E

Module 6: Freely chosen topic D: HFIK03561E

Module 7: Freely chosen topic E: HFIK03571E

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