HFIA03545U FILO, Philosophy and Society 2, Dimensions of Equality

Årgang 2013/2014
Engelsk titel

Philosophy and Society 2, Dimensions of Equality

Kandidatuddanelse i Filosofi

This course is a multidisciplinary series of lectures, which combines normative and conceptual discussions of equality in political philosophy with empirical discussions in the social sciences and humanities. The course maps and analyzes the modern discussion of equality within political philosophy, such as: What is equality? Why is it valuable? What is it people ought to have equal protection against (discrimination, persecution) or shares of (resources, welfare, opportunities, political influence, access to asylum and humanitarian protection)? The course also deals with questions about national and global (in)equality, and the equality of human rights. by invoking sociological theory (how is equality and inequality reproduced) This is used to analyze welfarestates, asylum systems and the distribution of resources. Throughout the course, these normative and sociological discussions will be complemented by involving both national and global case studies.

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