HENK04201U CIP - Academic writing for graduate students

Volume 2017/2018

On completion of this academic writing course, students should be able to produce written academic English approaching the C-1 level as defined in the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR). Students will develop academic writing skills that will assist them in successfully completing their courses and exams in English-medium courses at graduate level in their own field of study.

Students who have passed the course should be able to:

  • produce a clear academic text on complex subject matters with an appropriate and effective logical structure;
  • develop the ability to write independently and critically using relevant sources;
  • operate consistently according to customary academic conventions, paying due heed to layout, notes, references, quotations and bibliographies;
  • be able to distinguish and select an appropriate academic writing style;
  • show comprehensive and reliable mastery of a very wide range of language to formulate thoughts precisely, emphasise, express nuances of meaning and eliminate ambiguity;
  • consistently maintain a high degree of grammatical control and accuracy.

As a seminar-style course with interactive discussions and peer revision for written activities, the course takes it point of departure in the needs of the individual student. During the course, students are required to hand in written material in academic English representative of the subject they are studying. Active participation, attendance (75%), and a portion of self -study are expected. Success on the course requires completion of some required reading, but students are also expected to draw on readings in their own discipline to complete individual assignments.

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International MA students must register to AcademicEnglish@hum.ku.dk. In the e-mail you should put your student ID number, course wish and full name.

Full-degree students must register through the application “Indskrivning på enkelte kurser”. The application form can be found on http:/​​/​​hum.ku.dk/​​uddannelser/​​skemaer/​​enkeltestudieelementer.pdf/​​Indskrivning-enkelte-kurser.pdf.

Please notice that registration is binding.

Please direct questions regarding registration to AcademicEnglish@hum.ku.dk and regarding the content of the course to cip@hum.ku.dk
  • Category
  • Hours
  • Lectures
  • 28
  • Preparation
  • 180,75
  • Total
  • 208,75
7,5 ECTS
Type of assessment
Written assignment
Home assignment, optional subject, with class participation (min. 75% attendance and handing in of written assignments during the course). Rated according to the 7-point scale
Criteria for exam assesment