HENK0391FU English - Free topic 8: Literature and the Problems of Representation

Volume 2016/2017

What happens when writers put their imaginary worlds into words? How do they translate an object, an emotion a thought into language? Indeed, what happens when a three-dimensional body of flesh and blood is reduced to a two-dimensional character of ink and paper? Why do so many contemporary writers seem to be writing stories about writing stories?

These questions branch out into a wide range of related issues concerning the nature and process of writing this course sets out to explore. In doing so, we will no doubt probe methods of representation fictionalized in Julian Barnes’s Flaubert's Parrot;  we may discuss notions of memory in the work of Paul Auster, try to navigate Jeanette Winterson’s labyrinthine canals in The Passion and we will most certainly examine the nature of interpretation in a couple of stories yet to be named.

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