HENK0391DU CANCELED English - Free topic 6: Self-Reflections in the Writings of Paul Auster

Volume 2016/2017



Paul Auster has been classified as an American writer concerned with the experience and moral health of his country, as a cult writer, and as an eminent storyteller. Auster's narratives are inhabited by writers in various guises: the writer as detective, the writer as anarchist, as orphan, as son and father; the writer, ultimately, as someone striving to become 'human.' They all reflect on the processes and mechanisms of writing, and on what stories mean to us as individuals in contemporary society. We will discuss the substratum of self-reflection that is almost always woven into Auster's narratives.

Texts: six of Auster’s novels (The New York Trilogy, Leviathan, Travels in the Scriptorium, Man in the Dark and Sunset Park), a selection of his essays, film scripts, relevant theory and criticism.

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