HENK0391BU English - Free topic 4: Let’s Piece It Together: Practising Short Forms of Fiction, Poetry and Nonfiction (Creative Writing)

Volume 2016/2017

Language in a flash. Dazzle. Concentration of words that commands attention. How else would you describe the inner workings of a good text? Try your hand, experiment with writing styles, put your linguistic and literary skills to work by composing short pieces of prose and poetry. We will: analyse selected flash fictions, poems and brief essays to understand these genres more thoroughly; engage in writing games to translate our literary insights into practice; comment on our texts, both in workshops and online, to learn by friendly critique. Such forms and activities will let us see not just what we are writing about, but how we are doing it. This awareness will guide us in piecing together future, possibly longer, texts.

Our list of recommended readings (to be announced 4 weeks before the course starts) will contain selected works by outstanding authors working within the genres of flash fiction, flash nonfiction and poetry. We will also read essays written by practitioners who discuss their craft. Secondary sources will include The Rose Metal Press Field Guides to Writing: Flash Fiction, Prose Poetry, Flash Nonfiction as well as such online resources as the series of ‘Craft Essays’ on the Brevity magazine website.

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