HENK0390QU English - Free topic 17: Globalization, World Order and Theories of International Relations

Volume 2016/2017

This course explores contemporary issues involving theoretical and analytical frameworks in global relationships. While the world is increasingly interdependent, a new world order is still unresolved. Students will study the leading paradigms in global political theory and read texts focused on contentious interpretations and important issues--particularly since the ending of the Cold War, if it has indeed ended. Historical context is important to understanding the complexities from various perspectives. Students will develop an interdisciplinary understanding of superpowers, great powers, nation states, non-government organizations, international organizations, supra-governmental organizations, and others, as constitutive parts and explanatory interpretations from the perspectives of Realism, Idealism, Structuralism, Marxism, The English School, Historical Sociology, Critical Theory, Post-Structuralism, Constructivism, Feminism, Green Politics and International Political Theory. Each student will give a short PPT presentation on a contemporary issue of contention.         

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