HENK0390NU English - Free topic 14: Literature, Racialisation and Ethnification

Volume 2016/2017

In this course we will be discussing the socio-political categories of race (or ‘race’) and ethnicity with special focus on how processes of racialisation and ethnification affect literary migrant characters and their encounters with Britain and the US. We will be exploring race and ethnicity in a British context through encounters with (the ethnicity of) Englishness and British super-diversity and in an American context in the encounters not only with American ways of being raced but also with ways of being African in America. Our primary texts will predominantly be contemporary migrant literature that takes super-diverse Britain as setting or that traces the many complicated African migrant experiences in the US.

Preliminary reading list: Natascha Solomons, Mr Rosenblum’s List; Julian Barnes ‘East Wind’; Zadie Smith ‘The Embassy of Cambodia’; Dinaw Mengestu, The Beautiful things that Heaven Can Bear; NoViolet Bulowayo, We Need New Names and a selection of theoretical texts on race and ethnicity.

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