HENK0390IU English - Free topic 9: Contemporary Literary Theory (and Practise)

Volume 2016/2017

This course focusses on some of the notions and concepts that are central in contemporary literary theory. We will begin by discussing the notion of literature itself partly with a view to determining the boundaries between fact and fiction; then move on to poststructuralist notions of language followed by an examination of the roles of the author and the reader; all of which will finally culminate in a discussion of the postmodern concept of ‘text(e)’. The course also provides an introduction to some of the more important schools of thought in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, such as modernism, structuralism, the poststructuralist and postmodern perspectives. We will thus be reading such theorists as Ferdinand de Saussure, T.S. Eliot, Roland Barthes, Sandra M. Gilbert, Helene Cixous and Jacques Derrida.

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