HENK0390DU English - Free topic 4: Corpus Linguistics: Investigating Real English

Volume 2016/2017

English is not always what is taught in school – or what some native speakers believe it to be. In order to investigate ‘real English’, as it is written and spoken today, empirical evidence, in the form of large electronic text archives and corpora, is needed.

This MA course, taught in the fall term of 2016, aims at providing students with insight into contemporary corpus design as well as hands-on knowledge of how to extract valid data on language from such electronic sources.

Using our two textbooks, selected handbook articles and various electronic sources, we will look at a number of aspects and varieties of the English language. By using the concordancing program WordSmith 6.0, available at Engerom, students will be able to design and compile their own corpora and use these for individual or group projects and assignments.

Course literature includes – but is not limited to _– the following titles:

  • Hans Lindquist. 2009. Corpus Linguistics and the Description of English. Edinburgh University Press.
  • Wendy Anderson & John Corbett. 2009. Exploring English with Online Corpora. Palgrave Macmillan.
  • The Cambridge Handbook of English Corpus Linguistics. 2015. Cambridge University Press.
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