HENK03907U English - Free topic 9: Metafiction (exam form A,B,C)

Volume 2015/2016

What is fiction? A reflection of reality? If so, is that a commonly shared reality? Or is fiction entirely Œfashioned¹?  What is the status of the author and why do some of them seem to be writing stories about writing stories? What is the role of the reader in all this?

 These are some of the questions raised in metafiction. They branch out into a wide range of related issues concerning the nature and process of both reading and writing, which this course sets out to explore. We will no doubt take a close look at the fateful chapter 13 in John Fowles¹s The French Lieutenant¹s Woman and attempt to determine the genre of Julian Barnes¹s Flaubert's Parrot;  we may discuss the ontological levels in a story by Paul Auster, try to navigate through John Barth's Funhouse and we will most certainly examine the nature of interpretation in a couple of stories yet to be named.  Textbook: P. Waugh, Metafiction, 1984.

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