HENK0386RU English - Free topic 20: The Great War: society, experience and memory

Volume 2015/2016

The Great War is the first defining moment of 20th century history. It is also the first conflict to engage civilians, industrialists and policy makers on such a scale that it constitutes ‘total war’. Its long-term effects on British society are consequently transformative. Through a careful reading of published and archival primary sources, this course will consider the effects of 1914-18 on individual soldiers, their families, and civilians. It explores too the collective political and social impacts of the Great War, and its afterlife through the 20th century, in fiction, memoir and film.  

Required Readings: selected, including extracts from:

A. Gregory,   The Last Great War: British Society and the First World War

D. Todman,   The Great War: myth and memory

A. Watson,    Enduring the Great War

Regardless of exam form, this course is built to expect active and regular participation and will require all participants to hold two seminar papers. The class will be extended to THREE hours to provide space for the papers.
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