HENK0386PU English - Free topic 18: The American Presidency

Volume 2015/2016

Writing in 1973, Arthur Schlesinger Jr. remarked that the previously “imperial” American presidency was in crisis. This was as the Watergate debacle drew towards a close, with the resignation of President Richard Nixon around the corner. What may have seemed as a temporary phenomenon to Schlesinger forty years ago has, some argue, today become an enduring feature of the executive. Historians and political scientists since have argued for a diminished or rhetorical presidency, though in recent years others maintain the presidency has regained strength within the U.S. political systems. This course examines the long development of the presidency from George Washington to Barack Obama. Particular attention will be paid to the post-war presidencies, however.

-Text on the origin and development of the presidency, TBA

-Text on presidential personality and style, TBA.

-Separate readings posted on course site.

-Electronic resources.

Regardless of exam form, this course is built to expect active and regular participation and will require all participants to hold two seminar papers. The class will be extended to THREE hours to provide space for the papers.
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