HENK0386JU English - Free topic 12: Shakespeare’s Tragedies (exam form A)

Volume 2015/2016

A close study of four of Shakespeare’s plays—Hamlet, Othello, Macbeth, King Lear—in the light of theories of tragedy since Aristotle. We will use editions of these plays in the Oxford Shakespeare, together with online resources.

Classical Literary Criticism, eds Russell & Winterbottom (Oxford); Nietzsche, The Birth of Tragedy (1872; trans. D. Smith, Oxford World’s Classics, 2000); A.C. Bradley, Shakespearean Tragedy (1904; Penguin); A.C. Bradley, ‘Hegel’s Theory of Tragedy’ in Oxford Lectures on Poetry (1909); Walter Benjamin, The Origin of German Tragic Drama (1928; Verso 1998); George Steiner, Death of Tragedy (Faber, 1961); Raymond Williams, Modern Tragedy (1966; Broadview 2006); John Bayley, Shakespeare and Tragedy (Cambridge UP, 1981); Kristian Smidt, Unconformities in Shakespeare’s Tragedies (Macmillan, 1990); Naomi Conn Liebler, Shakespeare’s Festive Tragedy (Routledge, 1995); John Kerrigan, Revenge Tragedy (Oxford UP 1997); Claire McEachern, ed., Cambridge Companion to Shakespearean Tragedy (2002); Kirsten Hastrup, Action: Anthropology in the Company of Shakespeare (Museum Tusculanum, 2004); Rita Felski, ed., Rethinking Tragedy (Johns Hopkins UP, 2008); Kent Cartwright, Shakespearean Tragedy and Its Double: The Rhythms of Audience Response (Penn UP, 2015).

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