HENK03616U Engelsk - Frit emne: Australian Literary Bodies: Race, Whiteness and Nation

Årgang 2013/2014
Engelsk titel

Australian Literary Bodies: Race, Whiteness and Nation


This course investigates how bodies become entangled in geopolitical histories of race, whiteness, gender, place and nation. It explores how violence, desire, humour and interculturality are negotiated by bodies in fiction, poetry and film.

 Module 1: Theoretical contexts (weeks 1-3)

This module will address key theoretical issues such as the racialisation, gendering and intercorporeality of bodies differentially coded within the ‘white nation’.Readingswill be taken from the following fields and collated in a Course Reader: contract theory as it intersects with critical race theory (Mills and Pateman), performativity theory (Weiss, Benston), theorising the white nation (Ghassan Hage), Indigenous critiques of whiteness (Moreton-Robinson) and masculinity and whiteness (Pearce). Relevant texts from this selection of critical materials will be further discussed in each of the three modules, in close readings of the set texts.

Module 2: Masculinity and Whiteness (weeks 4-5)

In this module students will investigate how white masculinity is renegotiated in light of the recognition of prior indigenous occupation. They will examine the mutual entanglements of race, whiteness and masculinity and the fissures produced within whiteness as it redefines itself.

Andrew McGahan, The White Earth (2004)

The Tracker. Dir Rolf de Heer (2002)

 Module 3: Minoritarian negotiations (weeks 6-8)

This module will explore the effects of the global movement of people, images and objects within and across the white nation, focussing on the issues of subjectivity, displacement, memory, family and home. The literary texts will be examined as devices for mapping cross-cultural mobilities and collisions within a consumerist urban modernity.

Michelle de Kretser, Questions of Travel (2012)

Christos Tsiolkas, The Slap (2008)

The Slap (tv series) (2012)

 Module 4: Indigenous bodies (weeks 9-12)

Indigenous literature articulates the legacies ofAustralia’s colonial history and attests to the autonomy, diversity, and cultural and psychical recovery of Indigenous bodies. Students will examine the dextrous techniques of Indigenous English and storytelling. This module will focus on the range of work that Indigenous humour performs, from its satirical portrayal of whiteness to its complex negotiations with violence.

Indigenous women’s poetry (Bellear, Moreton, Leane)

Marie Munkara, Every Secret Thing (2009)

Alexis Wright, Carpentaria (2006)


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7,5 ECTS
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