HENB10503U Workshop in English Academic Writing (CIP)

Volume 2018/2019

Good academic writing is creative, informative and persuasive. It helps us to think through our research and communicate our thoughts effectively. Our texts encourage conversations with peers not only in our field of study, but also in related disciplines.

This short course, consisting of 4 interactive workshops, offers you an opportunity to write in English within your own discipline and to discuss your writing with international peers.


  • Choose a research problem to investigate (for example, a subject in your major courses). You will learn how to:
    - focus your research question,
    - conduct the literature review,
    - collect the best evidence to argue for the importance of your research project.


  • Read like a writer. Analyze model texts and sample texts written by your peers to better understand rhetorical strategies and stylistic conventions of selected academic text types.


  • Practise writing and giving feedback. Draft an introduction or discussion/conclusion of a paper based on your chosen research question. You will discuss the drafts with your peers and receive comments from your tutor


This course will assist you in your future writing, not only in English but also in your other languages.




This course has helped me to think about writing in my field, because it was the first time I was writing academic articles in English. The course has showed me how I should construct English sentences.

Miharu (BA, Japan)


This course has definitely made me more aware of the rhetorical strategies used in academic writing, such as signposting, field-specific text structures and so forth. Many of these things I weren’t aware of before.

Mads (BA, Denmark)


Flipped classroom (online course room with a wealth of materials), writing (at home and in class), workshops, discussions, peer reviews, individual study.
Only BA students can register for this course.
MA students are not eligible for this course; instead, they should choose ‘Academic Writing for Graduate Students’ and/or ‘Presentation Techniques for Graduate Students.’
  • Category
  • Hours
  • Lectures
  • 8
  • Preparation
  • 60,25
  • Total
  • 68,25
2,5 ECTS
Type of assessment
Written assignment
Attendance (75%); independent study (assigned readings, analysis of model texts, drafting); active participation (peer reviews); timely electronic submissions of early and revised drafts; exam document with the final draft of an introduction or discussion/conclusion.
Marking scale
passed/not passed
Criteria for exam assesment