HENB10502U CIP - Workshop in English Academic Writing

Volume 2017/2018

This workshop develops and refines the written academic English skills of BA-level students and international exchange students from across the University of Copenhagen.

On completion of this workshop in Academic English, students should be able to produce well-structured, written academic English. In addition, students will develop process writing skills, which will enable them to successfully negotiate their written exams in English-medium university level courses.

As a four-session workshop with interactive class discussions and a student and teacher peer-revision for the written activity, the course takes its point of departure in the academic writing needs of the individual student. During the workshop, students are therefore required to hand in one essay in academic English representative of the subject they study. Active participation and a good portion of self-study are expected in the course.

Only bachelor students can apply for the course. Full-degree students and MA students cannot take this course and are referred to the courses Academic writing for graduate students and Presentation techniques for graduate students.
Please notice that registration is binding.

Please direct questions regarding registration to AcademicEnglish@hum.ku.dk and regarding the content of the course to cip@hum.ku.dk
  • Category
  • Hours
  • Lectures
  • 8
  • Preparation
  • 60,25
  • Total
  • 68,25
2,5 ECTS
Type of assessment
Written assignment
Class participation which is to be understood as a minimum of 80 % attendance and handing in of one written assignment during the workshop. Rated pass/failed
Criteria for exam assesment

The course is assessed both on the writing process of the written assignment as well as on its final draft. Students are required to turn in copies of the various drafts (1st, 2nd and final) of the completed assignment.