HENB0T131U Engelsk - Valgfag 1 - Introduktion til postkoloniale studier B: Introduction to Postcolonial Studies

Årgang 2013/2014
Engelsk titel

Elective 1: Introduction to Postcolonial Studies


This course introduces and discusses postcolonial theory, literature and central ongoing concerns within the field. The overall thematic focus will be on ‘continuity and change’ through three selected periods. As a point of departure we will discuss ‘Colonialism and Representation’ with particular reference to issues like colonial discourse, subjectivity and mimicry. Next, we will focus on ‘Postcolonialism and Nation(alism)’ and consider themes like resistance and decolonisation, borders, neo-colonialism and the significance of language in representation. Lastly, ‘Globalisation and Cosmopolitanism’ will involve a debate on transculturalism, mobility, migration and new forms of hybridity. All three (overlapping) periods and related themes will be discussed with detailed reference to a varied selection of postcolonial theory (Bhabha, Spivak, Said, etc.) and literature. The course will give the students a thorough introduction to theories and critical perspectives that are also relevant and applicable to other areas of their studies just as it will make them familiar with English-language literature from, among others, the Caribbean, India and Africa.  

The course may be taken in tandem with or independently from the course on ‘The Black Atlantic’. 

Course program will be available at ABSALON from 1 July.


Den studerende vælger ét blandt de udbudte kurser inden for amerikanske studier, postkoloniale studier eller britisk litteratur, historie og samfundsforhold
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7,5 ECTS