HENB01355U English - Elective 1, topic 5: Contemporary American Society: Issues and Preoccupations 2017

Volume 2017/2018



Contemporary American Society: Issues and Preoccupations (CAS) explores American society in 2017. CAS will explore and ascertain the issues that are preoccupying Americans today. The seminar offers examinations and explanations of the major issues facing American society, including the role of race, class, and gender in contemporary America. The course will also address issues of education and mobility; whether the nation is as polarized as some commentators have claimed; the consequences of mass migration; the salience of religion; technology and changing media; the social and economic effects of regionalization and globalization; and where America’s security starts and finishes in an age of fluidity. All these factors are important components of contemporary American society.

The seminar format of the class expects active participation from all participants, including student-led seminar presentations. The course uses a combination of set texts, auxiliary readings, and electronic resources to ensure maximum topicality.


Required Books: TBA, depending on availability and topicality

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7,5 ECTS
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