HENB0114HU English - Elective 3, topic 5: After Empire: Writing the Postcolonial Past

Volume 2016/2017



This course introduces students to the history of the British empire through an examination of the many ways of writing the imperial past. It is designed to develop the themes addressed in the obligatory postcolonial studies course, enhancing students’ understanding of the contextual, methodological and ideological undepinnings of history-writing. An overriding theme of the course is the textuality and contingency of history. We will examine a wide variety of historical texts, from academic history to autobiography, children’s stories, film and fiction, in order to better understand the meaning of ‘colonial discourse’ and its ongoing influence in the way we argue about the colonial past. Students will acquire a broad overview of the origins and evolution of imperialism as a social and political idea, as well as its ongoing legacies in contemporary society.

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7,5 ECTS
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