HENB0110AU English - Elective 2, topic 4: Life Writing after Empire

Volume 2016/2017



The decolonisation of the British Empire has often been studied through public archives and the papers of political actors. However, studying the end of empire through life writing may offer access to a more intimate level of experience. In this course, we will study how individuals have responded to and articulated decolonisation in their autobiographies (with occasional forays into other life writing sources like blogs, letters or diaries).

A particular focus will be on memory: how reliable are these sources? What can they tell us about the imperial past and the postcolonial context of writing? How do the memories of individuals relate to the way societies commemorate the Empire? We will consider the importance of the context and get a sense of the differing experiences of decolonisation in various parts of the former empire, including the Caribbean, Australia and Africa.

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