HENA0392CU English - Free topic 12: Vocabulary learning and teaching, Foreign Language Acquisition

Volume 2014/2015

In recent years more and more researchers and language teachers have stressed the central role of vocabulary knowledge in language use and language learning. In this course, current theories of lexical competence, vocabulary acquisition and vocabulary teaching will be presented and discussed. Firstly, we will try to define and describe vocabulary. We will then investigate how vocabulary is acquired, stored and retrieved from the mental lexicon both from the perspective of children learning their first language and learners learning a second- or a foreign language. One of the crucial questions here is how we can ensure that newly learnt vocabulary items are remembered and made available for production and reception. Moreover the role of incidental vocabulary learning through reading will be explored. Finally, a number of pedagogical issues related to explicit and systematic vocabulary teaching will be discussed, e.g. the role of different teaching materials and classroom approaches. Throughout the course, the question of different research approaches will also be addressed. For some of the participants, this course might serve as preparation for specializing in foreign language acquisition for your MA thesis, e.g. by carrying out a small scale empirical study on language learning or teaching. The course will be conducted in English, using a mixture of lectures, group work and discussion. Course material will be based on a course book: Norbert Schmitt (2000): Vocabulary in Language Teaching, Cambridge University Press and a number of empirical research articles.

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