HEEB10011U  ETN Anthropological and Ethnological Theory.

Volume 2014/2015

This course introduces to some of the central themes that inspire and inform anthropological and ethnological analysis such as agency, systems of exchange, nature/culture, rationality, classification, globalization and much more. A key concern of this course is cultural and social diversity which will be explored utilizing a number of fieldwork studies, both 'classic' and more recent. We consider how different theoretical approaches propose different basic conceptions of human social life as well as different conceptions of anthropological and ethnological knowledge.

Learning Outcome

Students should be able to identify and have a clear overview of some of the main anthropological and ethnological theories. In addition, having explored a variety of ethnographies, they should be able to reflect on the possible application of these theories to different ethnographic problems.

The class consists of a combination of lectures, discussions and student presentations.
This course can not be taken by European Ethnology students.
Type of assessment
Oral examination
Marking scale
7-point grading scale
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