HDCB00112U Environmental Challenges for Denmark

Volume 2013/2014
Danish Culture Courses

Current environmental challenges for Denmark in a historical perspective

The world faces a number of essential environmental problems. In this course, we are going to focus on some of the key challenges and on the specific ways in which they have been historically formed, in a Danish context. We will discuss causes and possible solutions to these problems. And we will look upon the environment as part of a socio-material network including man – not as his adversary. The challenges that we will concern ourselves with are: landscape and land use changes, agriculture and pollution of the aquatic environment, food production and animal welfare, global warming and future energy demands, clean – and not-so-clean air, urbanization and the emergence of new environmental ideologies, and the ‘food-chain’ of scientific knowledge from production through consumption, and to political application. 


The course is only offered to exchange and guest students at the University of Copenhagen.
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The course is arranged in cooporation with Centre for Cultural Studies in Sustainability.
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