HDAK00297U Spatial Humanities - The Spatial Turn Gernerated an Visualised

Volume 2016/2017

The Spatial Turn is at term used in numerous disciplines, such as Anthropology, History, Literature, Art history, Religion, Sociology, Psychology, Architecture. There is often a reference to GIS and the neogeography revolution that enables any student to map just about anything. The broader questions of landscape, worldviews, community and territoriality, are age-old questions rooted in the creation of modern academic disciplines. The spatial turn thus has its origin in historic discourse about land use and perception - a discourse which can nov be augmented and visualised by modern technology. This course offers and introduction to spatial humanities and the basic tools used, primarily GIS, to present and visualise spatial and spatialized humanistic data. Since GIS is aslo very much used in the public and private sector for administrative and business purposes, this course will furnish the student with a useful and much needed competence.

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