HDAA03629U AUD; Fordybelseskursus: Neurolingvistik

Årgang 2014/2015
Engelsk titel


Audiolopædi, Dansk

The course gives an introduction to the architectures and mechanism behind our ability to speak and understand language. Topics discussed include the brain bases of speech perception and reading, lexical processing, syntax, and semantics. We will draw on a range of state-of-the-art functional neuroimaging techniques (fMRI, TMS and EEG/ERP), as well as the study of neurological and developmental language disorders, e.g. aphasia. Special attention will be given to how models of linguistic computations and representations can inform, and be informed by, our understanding of the brain.

  • The student is able to understand primary literature in neuroscience of language
  • The student is able to employ basic methods in the analysis of neuro- and psycholinguistic data
  • The student is able to evaluate competing analyses of neurolinguistic data
  • The student is able to write up reports on experimental and analytical work in neuroscience of language  
Students are assumed to have a basic knowledge of linguistics or psycholinguistics, e.g. to have completed a BA-level course on linguistics or psycholingustics. Please contact the course organizer beforehand if you are not sure if you fulfill this requirement.
Kurset udbydes som et 7,5 ECTS-kursus på Audiologpædi
Kurset udbydes som Frit Emne 2 (Dansk KA) 15 ECTS med ekstern censur
Kurset udbydes som Frit Emne 2b (Dansk KA) 7,5 ECTS med ekstern censur

AUD: http:/​/​hum.ku.dk/​uddannelser/​aktuelle_studieordninger/​audiologopaedi/​audiologopaedi_ka.pdf

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7,5 ECTS
3 dages bunden skriftlig hjemmeopgave

The course will be taught in English. Students may write their final assignment in either English or Danish. Please see more information about the course here: http:/​/​program.ku.dk/​undervisning/​neurolinguisticse14/​