HCCK03261U COG Empirical Methodologies 2

Volume 2016/2017

Master in Cognition and Communication 2015-Curriculum


The course falls in three parts. The first part is a set of workshops dedicated to data analysis. The second part is a couple of lectures on topics such as mixed methods and writing up of research projects. The third part is a series of project workshops where students work on their own research projects.

The data analysis cover both quantitative and qualitative data analysis. These workshops are placed in the beginning of the course to allow students to plan ahead: It is generally a very good idea to know what type of analysis you will be conducting before you collect any data, and in quantitative research it is not just a good idea - it is imperative.

The quantitative data analysis workshops introduce students to fundamental procedures in quantitative data analysis. This will include a tutorial in SPSS by way of a sample data set and walkthrough in Bryman (5th edition).

The qualitative data analysis workshop introduces students to general procedures of qualitative data analysis. This includes an introduction to coding procedures and thematic analysis by way of a sample data set from an interview project.

The workshops in the third part of the course will be structured around the various research projects conducted by the students.


Learning Outcome

Cognition and Communication 2015-Curriculum:

Module 3: Empirical Methodologies 2: HCCK03261E

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  • Class Instruction
  • 28
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  • 176,75
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  • 204,75
7,5 ECTS
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The exam will be conducted in English
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