HCCK03251U Communication Theory and Empirical Methodologies

Volume 2017/2018

Master in Cognition and Communication


The module gives students:

Knowledge and understanding of:

  • the interdisciplinary nature of cognitive science and its different frameworks - from the classical computational models to connectionism

· ways in which key concepts are introduced and used by different frameworks

  • ways in which cognitive processes and human behaviour can be described and explained at various levels of explanation (ranging from descriptions of cognitive tasks to neurobiological implementation)
  • key notions in contemporary philosophy of psychology and philosophy of


Skills to:

  • describe and explain how applications of cognitive science may have relevance for communication
  • apply cognitive theories and methodologies to situations and problems of


Competencies to:

  • reflect on the different possible interpretations of theory and these interpretations’ relationships to each other in relations to issues in communication
  • identify ways in which cognitive factors constrain and determine communicative actions and content.


Students are able to:

  • account descriptively and critically for key theories of communication
  • discuss and evaluate the relevance of various communication theories with

regard to a particular instance of communication of the student's own choice (face-to-face and/or technologically mediated).

  • account descriptively and critically for key empirical methodologies
  • operationalize relevant aspects of one or more communication theories

with regard to a particular instance, purpose, and context of communication 

  • develop and substantiate such operationalization in the form of an empirical research design which takes into account the medium, genre and social context in question
  • discuss and evaluate the proposed operationalization with due consideration to the chosen method(s) as well as both theoretical and empirical aspects of communication studies.
Learning Outcome

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Communication Theory and Empirical Methodologies 1 HCCK03251E

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