HÆGB01144U Egyptian Religion and Art

Volume 2015/2016

Nærorientalske oldtidskulturer på bachelorniveau med centralt fag i Assyriologi, Nærorientalsk arkæologi eller Ægyptiologi, 2015-ordningen

Curriculum for the elective studies in the History of Ancient Egypt, 2007


The topics covered include (1) Egyptian religion (texts, temples, tombs); the concept of the divine; cult; the temple (architecture, ideology, organisation and priesthood, economy, daily and festival rituals, offerings); the divine and kingship; myths and rites; cosmology; ethics; oracles; (2) Egyptian art (2- and 3-dimensional); relevant theory, knowledge of the central works and discussions in Egyptian art.

For studerende på dette kursus udbydes der også et kursus i Humanistiske Metoder, se her: http://kurser.ku.dk/course/htor00021u/2015-2016

Learning Outcome

BA 2015-studieordning:
Samfund A (Fagelementkode HÆGB00441E)

BA 2010-studieordning

Samfund 1 (Fagelementkode HÆGB011141E)

Samfund 2 (Fagelementkode HÆGB01161E)

BA tilvalg 2007-studieordning:
Samfund 1 (Fagelementkode HÆGB10021E)
Samfund 2 (Fagelementkode HÆGB10031E)

A reading list will be announced later.

It is expected that the students can read English and German literature.
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  • 412,5
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