HÆGA01141U Egyptian Religion and Art

Volume 2014/2015
Curriculum for the BA-programme in Middle Eastern Languages and Society with specialisations in Arabic, Assyriology, Hebrew, Near Eastern Archaeology, Persian, Turkish and Egyptology, The 2010 Curriculum

The topics covered include (1) Egyptian religion (texts, temples, tombs); the concept of the divine; cult; the temple (architecture, ideology, organisation and priesthood, economy, daily and festival rituals, offerings); the divine and kingship; myths and rites; cosmology; ethics; oracles; (2) Egyptian art (2- and 3-dimensional); relevant theory, knowledge of the central works and discussions in Egyptian art.

Learning Outcome

BA 2010-studieordning:
Samfund 1 (Fagelementkode HÆGB01141E)
Samfund 2 (Fagelementkode HÆGB01161E)

BA tilvalg 2007-studieordning:
Samfund 1 (Fagelementkode HÆGB10021E)
Samfund 2 (Fagelementkode HÆGB10031E)

A reading list will be announced later.

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