ASOK05249U  Cognitive Sociology: Self, Identity and Self-Esteem - closed for further registration

Volume 2014/2015
MA: Sociological Theory Courses

This course offers an introduction to the growing field of Cognitive Sociology. It also takes a closer look at how the self, identity and even self-esteem may be better understood by combining established social theory on the self (such as Mead, Butler and Foucault) with a cognitive perspective. While Cognitive Sociology draws upon cognitive psychology it specifically studies the social in cognition. Thought processes are approached as socially contingent, thereby questioning individualized and universalist models of thought. Of particular interest here is the relationship between macro level culture and micro level cognition, i.e. role of culture both in what and how we think, on conscious and subconscious levels. By studying this, the interdisciplinary ambitions of Cognitive Sociology have the potential both to critique psychological theories on the self as well as to expand the horizons of sociology in a range of fields, some of which will be discussed during the course.

Learning Outcome

After completion of the course, the student should…

  • Have a solid understanding of Cognitive Sociology and its unique character, and some insight into fields of research.
  • Be able to apply a cognitive perspective to sociological fields, theories and concepts.
  • Be able to account for the role of culture in cognition.
  • Understand how a concept such as self-esteem may be approached from the perspective of cognitive sociology and what this may add to current understandings of self-esteem.
Regular masters –level qualifications for students in sociology or closely related disciplines.
The course will be held with regular lectures and some discussion seminars.
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BA-undergraduates from foreign countries can sign up for this course.

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Type of assessment
Written assignment
Size: A Free written take-home essay of maximum 15 pages of 2400 characters each page (incl. spaces). If written by a group, the essay may be 50 % of 2400 characters each page longer per additional student.
Attention: When handing in as a group, the contribution of each student must be pointed out
Marking scale
7-point grading scale
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Exam period
Handing in of papers: 12.00 o’clock in the secretariat (16.1.34) Submission dates will be available on Absalon.
Criteria for exam assesment

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