NSCPHD1256 Sensory evaluation and food preferences

Volume 2014/2015
PhD course

The University of Copenhagen offers an intensive PhD course in sensory evaluation and food preferences with contributions from international experts in the field of sensory and consumer analysis. The course is targeted at graduates in food science and technology, agronomy, nutrition and those professionals working in related areas in the industry. The course covers general principles of sensation, perception and affection as relevant to sensory testing of foods; foundations and functions of the human senses; modern methods for sensory and consumer food evaluations; analysis methods applied on sensory and consumer data.

Learning Outcome

The students will obtain the following competences:

  • Knowledge about the principles of sensory measurement and evaluation methods used in sensory food research
  • Knowledge about the biology of the senses and relation to food perception and acceptance
  • Knowledge about the measurement of food preferences in different contexts
  • Ability to critically assess scientific literature, design sensory experiments, analyse and give interpretation to results from sensory research
  • Effective assess, report and communicate sensory study results
The course follows three modules:
I. E-learning module introducing the fields of sensory science
II. Intensive course programme in Copenhagen, Denmark
III. Individual assignment and preparation of a literature or research report
  • Category
  • Hours
  • E-Learning
  • 50
  • Lectures
  • 36
  • Preparation
  • 10
  • Project work
  • 100
  • Total
  • 196
Type of assessment
Written assignment
Examination of course report
Marking scale
completed/not completed