HTEK03372U Research Practices within Theatre and Performance Studies

Volume 2023/2024

Theatre and Performance Studies


This course aims to provide the students with an understanding of the application of theoretical, analytical and methodological approaches from Theatre and Performance Studies in areas of current concern in the performing arts. Through the study of selected examples of research in the disciplin, the course establishes a foundation for the students’ own formulation of an independently framed investigation. The students are encouraged to engage analytically, communicatively, dramaturgically or in another manner with a relevant context outside the study program.   

The course is based on academic articles, reports as well as different examples of research based studies of a more recent date. All texts will be made available online either as pdfs or through links to library resources.

The teaching and learning activities include classroom teaching, lectures, text seminars, group work, excursions, as well as student presentations and supervision of individual projects.
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