HSAXO0307U HELGA 2. Answering research questions with archaeological fieldwork

Volume 2022/2023

The course aims at providing students with insight into current research questions and introducing central approaches of fieldwork in Classical Archaeology. Greek and Roman settlement archaeology, landscape archaeology and the archaeology of extra-urban sanctuaries will be discussed in order to give a comprehensive overview of current research. Different techniques of surveying and underwater archaeology shall be presented, as well. Different specialists from the Saxo Institute as well as other institutions will be invited to give lectures on their field researches.


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Arkæologistuderende Metode 1: feltarkæologisk arbejde

Etnologistuderende: Hverdagslivets kulturhistorie

Græsk- og latinstuderende: Græsk-romersk arkæologi og kunsthistorie

Historiestuderende et "Omr 2"-kursus.  Se lektionskatalog.

Ford, B., The Archaeology of Maritime Landscapes, 2011

Renfrew, C., Archaeology: The Key Concepts, 2005

Trigger, B., A History of Archaeological Thought, 1989

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