HPOB01121U POR Kultur 3: Kultur i den portugisisktalende verden

Årgang 2021/2022
Engelsk titel

Culture 3: Culture in the Portuguese-Speaking World


Course description and objectives:

This course is designed to expand and deepen student’s knowledge of the cultural and artistic productions of the Portuguese-speaking world, bringing together cinema, visual art, music, and media material from the twentieth and twenty-first centuries Portugal, Brazil and Lusophone Africa. In addition to building a specialized knowledge of different forms of cultural expression in these countries and regions, the students will sharpen their skills of analysis, critical thinking and debate, and learn how the themes, issues and tendencies that define these productions interconnect with social and political developments in the Lusophone world. The aims of the course are:      

  • To broaden and deepen students’ knowledge of key cultural events and trends in the Portuguese-speaking world during the 20th and 21st centuries.
  • To critically examine the relationship between cultural productions in Portugal, Brazil and Lusophone Africa, and its political and social developments.
  • To understand and discuss some of the most relevant issues to the cultures, societies and politics of the Lusophone world, such as modernity, democracy, identity, gender, race, socioeconomic class and globalization.

To develop students’ skills and techniques for analyzing a variety of cultural artefacts.

Scientific articles, films and other cultural products (all provided by the teacher)

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