HNAB0104FU Archaeological Practice 1

Volume 2020/2021

Fagstudieordning Bacheloruddannelserne i assyriologi, nærorientalsk arkæologi og ægyptologi (Mellemøstens sprog og samfund), 2019

Fagstudieordning Bachelortilvalg i assyriologi, nærorientalsk arkæologi og ægyptologi, 2019

Fagstudieordning Nærorientalsk arkæologisk praksis, 2019




The course gives an introduction to essential archaeological methods, which includes practical (excavation, stratigraphy, survey) as well as more theoretical (typology, dating, analysis) aspects. A short introduction to archaeological theory and research history is also included. The course is the necessary preparation for the field school of Near Eastern and Medieval archaeology (participation in the field-school requires a passed exam in this course).

The course will be mostly taught together with SAXO.

Learning Outcome

BA 2019-studieordning
Arkæologisk praksis 1 (aktivitetskode HNAB00161E)

BA tilvalg 2019-studieordning
Arkæologisk teori, teknik og metode (aktivitetskode HNAB10191E)

Nærorientalsk arkæologisk praksis 1b, feltskole (aktivitetskode HNAB00281E)
Nærorientalsk arkæologisk praksis 1a ( Aktivitetskode HNAB00271E)

Being able to reading English and German texts.
Lectures, discussions, practical excercises (with archaeological material).
  • Category
  • Hours
  • Lectures
  • 36
  • Preparation
  • 220,5
  • Excursions
  • 106
  • Project work
  • 30
  • Exam
  • 20
  • Total
  • 412,5

The class has some quizzes, the fieldschool gives individual  feedback

Type of assessment
Criteria for exam assesment