HMVB0162JU Musicology: Bachelor's Project: Avantgarde music and society

Volume 2022/2023



What is avantgarde music in the past and nowadays? How does it interact with other artistic disciplines and within society? Presenting some of the most relevant concepts and events of avantgarde in music history and nowadays, this course provides the essential knowledge on how music intersects with other disciplines (visual art, performance and theatre, video and literature) and with the political and social contexts they are situated in.

Different critical approaches to these musicological questions will be presented to provide the analytical and technical tools necessary to formulate research questions, to choose and apply appropriate methodological approaches, to master the terminology of the subject, and to carry out literature searches and correctly compile a bibliography.

Part of the course will be dedicated to different writing and text composition techniques with the aim to help the students to investigate and present relevant musicological issues and facts in a well-structured and effective manner.


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