HMØK0006EU  Muslims and Islam in the West

Volume 2018/2019

Curriculum for Master's program in Islamic Studies, 2008

Tilvalgsstudiet på BA-niveau i Arabisk, 2007

BA-studieordning for det centrale fag i Religionsvidenskab, 2015

BA tilvalg-studieordning i Religionsvidenskab, 2016

KA- studieordning i Religionshistorie, 2008

KA-studieordning i Religionssociologi, 2008

KA-studieordning i Religionssociologi, 2017

KA-studierodning i Religionshistorie, 2017

KA-studieordning i Religionsvidenskab, 2018


In this course, ’Muslims and Islam in the West,’ we follow Muslim thinking with and on the West, and look to the parallel developments in global Islam since mid-20th century. After a brief history of Islam in the West, we take a closer look at muslim demography, imams, mosques, radicalization and other themes. Finally, we look at some of the interpretations that Muslims propose of the situation in the West. Here the idea of hijra – exodus - seems central as a trope in the moral geography of islam, which ask where is it good and right for Muslims to be? I class we will explore if Muslims think that the migration we have seen in the second half of the 20th century was in fact hijra, which would imply that the West is a kind of ‘new Medina’? Or if it is the other way around, that Muslims are obliged to do hijra to a viable Islamic Caliphate?

Learning Outcome

KA Islamiske Studier, 2008
Islam in the 20th and 21st Century (fagelementkode HISA04651E)

Living Islam (fagelementkode HISA04681E)

Arabic BA electiv, 2007

Specific Subject in Arabic Studies (fegelementkode HARB10141E)


BA 2015-studieordning:
Valgfrit område (fagelementkode HRVB00061E) 
Valgfrit område med sprogudprøvning (fagelementkode HRVB00081E) 
Bachelorprojekt (fagelementkode HRVB00091E)

BA tilvalg 2016-studieordning:
Valgfrit område (fagelementkode HRVB10181E)

BA tilvalg 2015 (gymnasierettet)
Valgfrit område med sprogudprøvning, HRVB10121E

KA Religionshistorie 2017-ordning:
Frit valgt emne (fagelementkode HRVK03131E)
Religionshistorisk specialisering B (fagelementkode HRVK03111E)

KA Religionssociologi 2017-ordning:
Frit valgt emne (fagelementkode HRVK03131E)
Religionssociologisk specialisering B (fagelementkode HRVK03101E)

KA Religionssociologi 2008-studieordning:
Særligt studeret område 1 (HRSK03431E)  
Særligt studeret område 2 (HRSK03491E)  
Særlig studeret område: religion og politik: (fagelementkode HRSK03441E)  
Særlig studeret område: regional religionssociologi (fagelementkode HRSK03481E)  
Formidling (fagelementkode HRSK03471E)

KA Religionssociologi 2017-ordning:
Frit valgt emne (fagelementkode HRVK03131E)
Religionssociologisk specialisering B (fagelementkode HRVK03101E)

KA Religionsvidenskab 2018-ordning
Religionssociologisk specialisering B (fagelementkode HRVK03101E) 
Religionshistorisk specialisering B (fagelementkode HRVK03111E) 
Frit valgt emne (HRVK03131E)



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It is recommended that the students get familiar with main tenants in Islam beforehand
Class teaching with active student participation
There will be different demands to the BA and KA/MA students respectively what concerns curriculum and examination
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