HKUK03724U Kunsthistorie/Visuel kultur/Moderne kultur: Video in Arts and Cultural Studies

Årgang 2018/2019
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Video in Arts and Cultural Studies

The first icon of the 21st century is the closed-circuit surveillance camera (Hawks 2005)


The 21st century´s cultural and medial praxis is increasingly characterized by the omnipresence of Video. The politics, economics and aesthetics of surveillance, tagging and control decisively affected the discourse around the so-called ‘panoptical societies of Modernism’ and, therefore, the agenda of arts, sciences and humanities over the past half -century. Today, more than fifty years after the introduction of Video in the art world, video streaming and other Video arrangements still constitute the formal-technical frames and slots of performative, installative, audio- and videographic and (hyper-)textual practices.

The growing interdisciplinary interest in the interrelated Video phenomena matches the co-evolutionary spiral of perceiving and producing the immediate medial present. The growing usage of online- and offline Video confirms its status as yet underestimated paradigm for the arts, sciences and humanities which calls for a

1. retro-analytical and 2. future-oriented inquiry of Video in the context of Arts and Cultural Studies.

In academic and popular discourse, the focus is however set on documenting either (societal) challenges or (technical) solutions. The course seeks to address this imbalance by responding to an urgent need for a

1. systematic and 2. historic understanding of Video´s major forms of appearance and the variety of its discursive and disciplinary applications.

The course´s aim is to increase and enrich the understanding of Video’s potential for boosting an immense variety of its cultural and societal applications as well as open up new routes to future solutions for its sovereign and innovative usage in academic, creative and everyday praxis.


Apart from the lecture-based introductions into the histories and theories of Video, a set of questions related to the present and future of Video in Arts and Cultural Studies will be discussed on cases in form of seminars, including

  • What consequences follow from being permanently ‘tuned-in’ or ‘checked-in’ to the present for the future of creative practices, medial frameworks and cultural sensibilities and values?
  • How can humanities and social sciences most effectively contribute to the understanding of the ubiquity, individuality, marketability and technological efficiency of instant medial production and consumption (including health diagnostics, warfare and other aspects of public service)?
  • What concrete impact do creative (artistic, vernacular) Video arrangements (static installations, moving gadgets and wearables) have in the emerging “domestication” of live streaming?
  • What specific prognostic value can available theories and methodologies provide when related to televisual cultures in which audio-visual, (hyper)textual and kinaesthetic outputs are produced and consumed parallel with the unfolding experience?

Kursets form er holdundervisning med introducerende forelæsninger og aktiv inddragelse af de studerende i form af gruppearbejde, oplæg og diskussioner af det fremlagte stof. Ekskursioner til udvalgte udstillinger og institutioner vil også indgå i kurset.
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