HKIB0112FU KIN, The political economy of contemporary China (Politics (China Studies Content Course 3 with Language) (F23)

Volume 2022/2023

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Bacheloruddannelsen i asienstudier (kinastudier) 2019

Bachelor courses in China Studies 2019

Bachelortilvalg i japanstudier, kinastudier, koreastudier (asienstudier) og moderne Indien og sydasienstudier 2019


This course provides students with a nuanced and research-based understanding of contemporary Chinese politics, political economy, and society. It explores China’s political system, institutional developments in the Chinese party-state, dynamics of state-society relations, and developments in key policy fields. The lectures focus on critical reading  and discussion of  academic literature and scholarly debates.  The text reading classes focus on the reading, translation and analysis of different types of relevant materials in Chinese. In the conversation lessons, students train their Chinese listening and speaking skills.

Learning Outcome

Bacheloruddannelsen i asienstudier (kinastudier) 2019Politik (kinastudier realia 3 med sprog)(Aktivitetskode: HKIB00981E)

Bachelor courses in China Studies 2019
China Studies Content Course with Language (Activity code: HKIB02031E)

To be announced before the start of the semester

Kurset forudsætter færdigheder i kinesisk svarende til Samfund (kinastudier realia 2 med sprog) under studieordningen Bacheloruddannelsen i asienstudier (kinastudier) 2019 eller Chinese Language under studieordningen Bachelor courses in China Studies 2019.
Lectures and class instruction
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  • 412,5
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