HKIB0103EU Approaches to the People’s Republic of China

Volume 2019/2020
  • Curriculum for the Asian studies at Bachelor level with a major in Indology, Indonesian/South East Asian Studies, Japan studies, China studies, Korea studies, Thai/Southeast Asian studies or Tibetology, the 2015 curriculum

This course introduces a range of key issues in the study of the People’s Republic of China. The course consists of lectures and discussions on a series of topics ranging from model workers, propaganda, media, and science fiction to kinship, gender, guanxi, popular religion, and inequality. The course draws upon research articles from history, literary history, media studies, anthropology and sociology and in addition to presenting important aspects of the contemporary history of China, the course aims to shed light on the disciplines, theories, and methods that inform different approaches and contribute to our understanding of contemporary China.

For students in China Studies, there are additional text reading lessons.

Learning Outcome

BA 2015 Curriculum:
China studies content course 3 with language (HKIB00891E)

To be announced in Absalon

lectures, discussion, exercises
Studerende på dette kursus skal huske at tilmelde sig kurset HTOR0100EU ASIEN, Metodekursus på Asienstudier - forbindes med realiakursus for at opnå 6 timers undervisning.
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