HJAB0111EU Ethnographies of Japanese Society (Japanstudier realia 3) (E23)

Volume 2023/2024

Curriculum for BA elective program in Japanese Studies, 2019




In this course we will explore the unique insights that an ethnographic approach offers into the workings of Japanese society on the ground and sometimes behind the scenes. We will do so through reading and discussing ethnographic texts focusing on people from selected sections of Japanese society.

We will use a mix of English and Japanese language materials. Students will be required to read the assigned material, identify relevant sources in English and in Japanese, take turns in making presentations and in leading the discussion.

This course is integrated with two weekly method-focused lessons.

Learning Outcome

Bacheloruddannelsen i asienstudier (japanstudier) 2019

Japanstudier realia 3 (Aktivitetskode: HJAB00991E)
Japanstudier realia 2 (Aktivitetskode: HJAB00981E)


Bachelortilvalg i japanstudier, kinastudier, koreastudier (asienstudier) og moderne Indien og sydasienstudier 2019

Japanstudier realia A: (Aktivitetskode: HJAB10211E)
Japanstudier realia B: (Aktivitetskode: HJAB10221E)

To be announced.

lectures, group work, discussion, individual assignments, presentations.
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  • 56
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  • 356,5
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  • 412,5
Continuous feedback during the course of the semester
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