HFMK03501U Research Design and Empirical Methods - Lectures

Volume 2019/2020

Master in Film and Media Studies, 2019-curriculum



Practical experience with and theoretical knowledge of research designs and empirical methods are essential skills to perform academic work on a high level in companies and organizations. This course introduces the key stages of the research process. This involves creating sound research questions, performing literature reviews, selecting theories and appropriate methods for collecting and analysing empirical material, as well as presenting and discussing results.

The course is organized as a joint lecture series, that covers the overall stages in the research process, combined with 3 seminar tracks that situate the framework in field-specific contexts. During the semester, students conduct exercises that cover the various stages in the research process. The students also work in groups on a project of their own choice, where they develop a research design, collect material and analyse results. This project constitutes the written material that is the basis for the oral exam.

Altogether, the course offers practical experience in developing empirical projects from idea to results. This includes the ability to formulate good research questions, which are based on theory and can be operationalized in practical research, choosing an appropriate research design and methods, and carry out the methods in practice as well as analysing material using theoretical concepts. The course emphasizes a multi-method approach, whereby research questions can be answered based on different theories and through different methods as well as combinations of methods.

Be aware that you need to sign up for Education in both the Lectures (counts 0 ECTS) and one of the seminars (counts 15 ECTS):

Seminar A,Film, television and digital visual narratives:

Archives, Style Statistics, and Cultural Documents

Seminar B, Digital media, network and society

Digital media and political communication: journalism, populism, fake news 

Seminar C, Communication and media culture

Social media and digital culture: Research design and methods


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Master in Film and Media Studies, 2019-curriculum:

Module 1: HFMK03501E


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