HENKF2501U English - Free topic A: English around the world

Volume 2024/2025

The course introduces students to key sociolinguistic theories and methods through studies of the role and status of English in different countries around the world: From debates about English Only in the US to the balance between English and Irish in Ireland. From the status of English in former British colonies such as Australia and India to English in Asian countries such as Japan and Mongolia. And from the prominence of English in Denmark to the very different role played by English in Southern and Eastern European countries.


Each week focuses on a new setting and introduces students to a new theoretical perspective within sociolinguistics, including sociophonetics, language attitudes, language ideologies, language policy, language variation and change, language and power, language and ethnicity, and language and identity.


Students will also be introduced to sociolinguistic methods of data collection and data analysis, including digital methods. As part of the portfolio exam students will work on their own empirical projects, drawing on the theories and methods they have been introduced to during the course.

This is a compendium and textbook-free course. Research articles and book chapters will be available online (for free) through the university library. A detailed course plan including readings for each week will be made available via Absalon before the course begins. Students are responsible for getting hold of the material listed in the course plan and read it in advance of each session, but please do not hesitate to contact the course teachers if you have problems locating particular items.

Class discussion, group work, lectures, peer feedback.
This course only leads to exams Free Topic 1, Free Topic 2 and Free Topic 3.
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  • Hours
  • Class Instruction
  • 56
  • Preparation
  • 353,5
  • Total
  • 409,5
Continuous feedback during the course of the semester
Peer feedback (Students give each other feedback)
Type of assessment
Portfolio, A joint portfolio uploaded in digital exam: Deadline June 6th 2025
Type of assessment details
A portfolio uploaded in Digital Exam:
- one 4-5-page essay in course week 5 with peer feedback
- one 3-4-page synopsis in course week 9 with peer feedback
- one 14-16-page mini research project to be submitted with final portfolio. The mini research project has to be based on empirical data collection and analysis using methods introduced in the course. The topic for this project can be chosen among the course topics and has to be approved by the teachers in course week 9 at the latest.
Exam registration requirements

This course only leads to exams Free Topic 1, Free Topic 2 and Free Topic 3.

Criteria for exam assesment