HDCB01133U DCC Danish Film, Television and Streaming

Volume 2024/2025

The course gives a portrait of Denmark through its output of popular entertainment and high art within film, TV, and Streaming. The course places internationally famous auteurs such as Carl Th. Dreyer, Lars von Trier, Thomas Vinterberg and Susanne Bier in their cultural context, and it presents important genres such as youth film, realism, drama, comedy, pornography, and documentary. Denmark has always been internationally extremely mobile, from the world domination of Nordisk Film studios during the silent period to the wildly successful sex comedies of the 1970s. The recent successes of Nordic Noir and Danish TV and streaming series continues to make extraordinary contributions to entertainment and art film, TV, and streaming: Overwhelming success in recent years is witnessed by the many Emmy, BAFTA, Cannes, and Oscar wins. The course interrogates the role of screen sexuality, gender and racial representations, and cultural identity. Furthermore, it explores the role of film, TV, and streaming policy.


Name of Exam: HDCB01131E Danish Cinema in a Historical Perspective.

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The course is only offered to exchange and fee-paying guest students at the University of Copenhagen.
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Written take-home assignment with an optional subject following active class participation. 11-15 standard pages.

The active class participation consists of an approved synopsis 2-3 standard pages.

Retake in case of non-approved active class participation consists of a written take-home assignment with an optional subject. 16-20 standard pages.
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For students with an approved synopsis the reexamination consists of a free written take-home assignment of 11-15 pages.


For students without an approved synopsis the retake consists of a free written take-home assignment of 16-20 pages.